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Router Table Stand, Steel, 20 inches x 28 inches

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Product Information:

Includes 4 32" long legs with 4-1/2" long heavy-duty adjustable levelers, 6 of each size extender to accommodate the addition of a middle and bottom shelf and all assembly hardware.

If you're looking for a quick, economical solution to add a workbench, tool stand, or base cabinet to your shop, the Rousseau WorkBench System offers 15 different footprints that are sure to fit your needs.
  • Each assembled stand provides support for a work surface of your choice, as well as the addition of a middle and bottom shelf
  • Legs are heavy-duty 12-gauge steel to provide more than enough support for bench top tools or large work surfaces
  • Each leg set includes four 32" long legs, 4-1/2" long heavy-duty adjustable levelers and all assembly hardware for a complete workbench
  • Extenders are 16-gauge steel and come six to a box in five dimensions: 15", 20", 28", 40" and 44"
  • Extenders can be mounted flush to support the top surface or 4" below the top to accommodate a drawer or woodworking vise
  • Legs and extenders are pre-drilled to add sides and hinged doors for an enclosed cabinet and powder-coated with a durable black finish
  • Selecting the components you need is as simple as starting with a Leg Set, then choosing the size Extender Set you need for the length and width. The optional threaded caster set can be added to your workbench for a mobile work station or to maximize the use of a small workshop or garage. There is even a handy chart included in the instructions with a cut-list for the work surface and shelves of each possible size configuration.

    Note: The extenders are sized to allow a 2 inch overhang around the top and have the cuts come out even on
    standard material. An example is the 44" extender for standard 48" material. The 28 inch extender is sized for
    the Rousseau router top. The extenders have 3/16" holes cut in the narrow flange for fastening down the top and
    shelves. #8 screws will work in these holes. The length of the screw should be less than the thickness of the top or
    shelf material but not too much less for maximum strength. 1/16" to 1/8" less then rounding down to the next standard size usually works well.Work surface and shelf materials are not included.
    California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 information.