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Vega Replacement HSS Cutter, for Midi

Item #144255 Vega
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Product Information:

For anyone who has to make more than a single turned object, duplicators are almost essential to a good job. Most tables, for example, look more professionally done when all the legs match. If you're making a production run of pens for advertising or other purposes, getting them as close to alike as possible, and doing the job as fast as possible, is important. VEGA duplicators remove stock faster than all but the most experienced woodworkers can, while keeping within very tight tolerances (if the workpiece is heavy enough to not deflect, up to 1/2" can be removed per pass). It works off a template, and can easily work off an original turning (with a 2" maximum turning diameter). Most small-scale lathe duplicating machines do not work well, are poorly made, and the cutters are cheap, often hard or impossible to sharpen, and difficult to replace. And the duplicators will fit only a single machine. VEGA has changed all that. Their three Lathe Duplicators cover mini and midi lathes, and full-sized lathes with swings up to 16". A narrow diamond shaped HSS cutter is included with each duplicator and replacement cutters are available. The Diamond “V” Kit adapts the duplicator to use solid carbide inserts for production situations where frequent sharpening of the cutter is necessary. Each insert is two-sided and replacement inserts are available. The Midi Duplicator is designed to fit almost any midi or mini lathe on the market and copies parts up to 10" long (there is a 24" version available, too). A nice feature of the Vega is that you retain the option to use hand tools to finish the work or to make changes—the Duplicator can either be removed, or mounted on the back of the lathe with the cutter upside down). Not illustrated.

  • Great for turning matching table legs
  • Designed to fit almost any midi or mini lathe
  • Copies parts up to 10" long
  • All Duplicator Controls are located for fast and easy operation
  • After an initial set up of 1/2 hour, subsequent set ups take just minutes
  • California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 information.