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FLEXCUT Universal Blade Adapter

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Product Information:

Our new Flexcut Carving Kits are ideal for both beginners and carvers who tend to travel a lot. Each kit includes a selection of razor sharp blades with FlexCuts unique flexing shaft, an ergonomically designed quick change handle, a sharpening and carving manual, a pre-printed carving blank and a tool roll. Everything you need to start removing all the wood that doesn't look like what you're making, and you can roll the tools safely for storage or carrying when you take a break. Four Piece Carving Set We've combined the four most popular carving knives into one set. The set includes a cutting knife, detail knife, pelican knife, mini-pelican knife and tool roll and these knives are made of the same edge holding steel as Flexcut gouges and chisels. Comfortable handles let you carve for extended periods of time without hand fatigue.Five Piece Carving Set includes handle and four blades: 3/8" No. 3 gouge; 3/8" No. 6 gouge; 1/8" No. 11 veiner; 1/4" 70° V-parting. Eleven Piece Carving Set includes handle and 10 blades: 1/8" No. 11 veiner; 1mm 45° V-parting; 1.5mm No. 9 gouge; 1/4" single bevel chisel; 5/8" No. 5 gouge; 3/8" No. 6 gouge; 1/4" No. 11 veiner; 3/8" No. 3 gouge; 5/8" No. 3 gouge; 1/4" 70° V-parting.Flexcut "Standards"
Woodcraft has been fortunate to acquire a limited number of Flexcut "Standard" carving tools. Flexcut carving tools are designed with thin, flexible, carbon steel blades so sharp that they seem to part wood like butter. The "Standard" carving tools are bigger tools, 8" in overall length, and are designed to be used in the same manner as a palm tool, but with two hands. Like all Flexcut tools, Flexcut Standards are "born sharp" and come in a nice wooden box with a package of Flexcut sterile strips bandages- just in case. If you’re a carver, this is an opportunity to acquire some amazing carving tools at an unbeatable price. Available while supplies last!
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