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System Three Silica Thickener, Quart

Item #124527 System Three
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Product Information:

System Three silica thickener is an extremely fine powder used to create a very smooth, non-sagging, high strength mixture. This material is also referred to as colloidal or fumed silica, and is an excellent thixotropic agent which is used to control the viscosity of mixed epoxy systems. Silica can be used alone for a very smooth, non-sagging, high strength mixture or combined with fillers or fibers to make them non-sagging. A 5-quart quantity of silica thickener when combined with 1-gallon of mixed epoxy/hardener, will produce about 1.75 gallons of a non-sagging firm paste.

  • System Three adapts to any application
  • Gained wide acceptance in the wooden boat building and repair industry
  • An extremely fine powder used to create a high strength mixture
  • Combine with fillers to make mixtures non-sagging
  • Additives are necessary to thicken the epoxy and change its flow characteristics
  • California Residents: Click here for Proposition 65 information.


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