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Apollo HVLP 1050VR Power Series 5 Stage Turbine with 7500QT AtomiZer Q Apollo HVLP 835 Power Series 3 Stage Turbine with 7500QT AtomiZer Quick Release Cup Gun Apollo HVLP 1035 Power Series 4 Stage Turbine with 7500QT AtomiZer Quick Release Cup Gun
Apollo HVLP 1050VR Power Series 5 Stage Turbine with 7500QT AtomiZer Q
Apollo HVLP 835 Power Series
3 Stage Turbine with 7500QT AtomiZer Quick Release
Cup Gun
Apollo HVLP 1035 Power Series 4 Stage Turbine with 7500QT AtomiZer Quick Release
Cup Gun

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Apollo Sprayers International built the world’s first commercially available HVLP Sprayer. Today, every Apollo HVLP System is engineered to meet the toughest environmental codes worldwide while at the same time meeting their requirement for safety, user comfort, durability and no less than the means to achieve the best possible finish. Apollo likes to say “the perfect finish” but we all know the equipment can only do so much, the rest is up to you. Toward that end, Apollo and Woodcraft have teamed up to offer two HVLP Systems of extraordinary power, performance and value. So, let’s take a closer look at spray finishing, what HVLP means and what Woodcraft has...

Spray finishing isn’t new. Before HVLP and still today, quite a bit of spraying is done with high pressure air. Basically, the air’s job is to break up (atomize) the coating into smaller even size particles and propel them toward the surface to be coated creating an even film. It does an OK job but there is a big snag. The air, under a lot a pressure at a relatively small volume, propels the finish at a high velocity resulting in only a small percentage of the material actually ending up on the surface. The rest ends up everywhere else: you, the floor, the dog, the car….hence, the term overspray. Overspray is extremely wasteful and polluting. Then Apollo came along with a new technology which eventually became known as HVLP.

HVLP stands for High Volume Low Pressure. The principal of the air atomizing the coating still applies but the approach changes. Instead using high pressure air, HVLP uses a large volume of low pressure air moving at a relatively slow speed to do the same thing. The slower speed of the film exiting the gun means you work closer to the surface and more (up to 80%) of the finish stays put. HVLP is a more cost effective way to spray with the added benefit of less pollution but Apollo wasn’t simply happy to rest there! Their mission was and is the perfect finish. Apollo has spent the last 40 years improving, refining and defining HVLP so it’s only natural that Woodcraft and Apollo get together to offer two of Apollo’s most advanced systems: the 835 and 1035 turbine systems both coupled with the award winning 7500 spray gun. Let’s take a look at the engineering and innovations.

A fact not lost on many is both systems look the same. They use the same case design, filtration and even the same hose. Apollo doesn’t believe in building obsolete so this cross utilization of design means lower manufacturing costs and cross utilization of spares plus it helps Apollo define the operating specifications of their systems. They use the same electric motor which in this case was engineered from ground up just for this application and yields a 12%-15% power increase over similar equipment including their own. Both systems even use the same spray gun. With all this sameness going on, you might ask where are they different? The answer is Air Volume.

HVLP Systems have to move a lot of air and it should be clean and warm to provide the best possible result. They do this with an electric motor and sets of blades which together are known as a Turbine. The number of sets of blades a particular system uses is known as “stages”. A single stage system uses one set of blades, two sets is a two stage, three sets a three stage and so on. The 835 Power Series is a three stage system utilizing three sets of blades generating 115 CFM/7.0 PSI while the 1035 Power Series generates 130 CFM/9.0 PSI. These units offer an extraordinary jump in performance over previous three and four stage HVLP systems. In essence, The new 835 has the power to perform at a 4 stage level and the new 1035 at a 5 stage level. All this together would be enough but couple Apollo with Woodcraft: legendary design, execution and support all come together to equal unsurpassed value.