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Akro-Mils Nest & Stack Totes

Easily and securely store your items with a set of these Nest & Stack totes from Akro-Mils. They are designed to stack with or without the lids, and they nest to take up little space when they're empty. The polyethylene totes will not rust, corrode, or bend out of shape even when fully loaded. Find the size and color that is perfect for you with this great selection.
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TypeColorQuantityAkro-Mils Model #Matching Tote / LidSKUPrice
TotesRed635180Lid Model 35181418177$79.99
TotesBlue635180Lid Model 35181418178$79.99
TotesGray635180Lid Model 35181418179$79.99
TotesRed635185Lid Model 35181418180$89.99
TotesBlue635185Lid Model 35181418181$89.99
TotesGray635185Lid Model 35181418182$89.99
TotesRed335225Lid Model 35231418183$89.99
TotesBlue335225Lid Model 35231418184$89.99
TotesGray335225Lid Model 35231418185$89.99
TotesRed335240Lid Model 35241418186$92.99
TotesBlue335240Lid Model 35241418187$92.99
TotesGray335240Lid Model 35241418188$92.99
LidsRed635181Tote Models 35180 or 35185418189$44.99
LidsBlue635181Tote Models 35180 or 35185418190$44.99
LidsGray635181Tote Models 35180 or 35185418191$44.99
LidsRed335231Tote Model 35225418192$44.99
LidsBlue335231Tote Model 35225418193$44.99
LidsGray335231Tote Model 35225418194$44.99
LidsRed335241Tote Model 35240418195$47.99
LidsBlue335241Tote Model 35240418196$47.99
LidsGray335241Tote Model 35240418197$47.99