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Akro-Mils AkroDrawers Modular Cabinets

Organize your shop with the addition of one of these modular cabinets from Akro-Mils. They can stack up to three high or can be mounted to any wall. The AkroDrawers which come with the cabinets fit snugly to prevent dust and debris from getting in the drawers.They are available in either charcoal gray or textured putty colors, and different colored AkroDrawers to suit your style.
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Cabinet ColorAkroDrawer ColorTotal # of AkroDrawersAkroDrawer Model #Cabinet Load CapacitySKUPrice
Charcoal GrayRed93116260 lbs.418145$229.99
Charcoal GrayYellow93116260 lbs.418146$229.99
Charcoal GrayBlue93116260 lbs.418147$229.99
Charcoal GrayClear93116260 lbs.418148$229.99
Textured PuttyBlue93116260 lbs.418149$239.99
Textured PuttyClear93116260 lbs.418150$239.99
Charcoal GrayRed63118260 lbs.418151$219.99
Charcoal GrayYellow63118260 lbs.418152$219.99
Charcoal GrayBlue63118260 lbs.418153$219.99
Charcoal GrayClear63118260 lbs.418154$219.99
Textured PuttyBlue63118260 lbs.418155$219.99
Textured PuttyClear63118260 lbs.418156$219.99
Charcoal GrayRed8(6) 31162 & (2) 3118260 lbs.418157$229.99
Charcoal GrayYellow8(6) 31162 & (2) 3118260 lbs.418158$229.99
Charcoal GrayBlue8(6) 31162 & (2) 3118260 lbs.418159$229.99
Charcoal GrayClear8(6) 31162 & (2) 3118260 lbs.418160$229.99
Textured PuttyBlue8(6) 31162 & (2) 3118260 lbs.418161$229.99
Textured PuttyClear8(6) 31162 & (2) 3118260 lbs.418162$229.99
Charcoal GrayRed123116275 lbs.418163$249.99
Charcoal GrayYellow123116275 lbs.418164$249.99
Charcoal GrayBlue123116275 lbs.418165$249.99
Charcoal GrayClear123116275 lbs.418166$249.99
Textured PuttyBlue123116275 lbs.418167$249.99
Textured PuttyClear123116275 lbs.418168$249.99