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Large PSA Sanding Discs

You have a benchtop disc sander; we have your abrasive. It starts with an “X” weighted cloth disc; then a bonded aluminum oxide abrasive is added, backed with a durable pressure sensitive adhesive. This adhesive is then covered with a protective peel off liner. Each disc excels in all of the following applications: grinding, sanding, finishing and sharpening, on a multitude of surfaces, and is great for sanding operations requiring flexibility, tear resistance and durability.
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DiameterGritAttachment TypeAbrasiveSKUPrice
8"60PSAAluminum Oxide153930Sale! $7.60
8"80PSAAluminum Oxide153931Sale! $7.60
8"120PSAAluminum Oxide153932Sale! $6.80
8"180PSAAluminum Oxide153933Sale! $6.80
8"240PSAAluminum Oxide153934Sale! $6.80
9"60PSAAluminum Oxide153935Sale! $8.40
9"80PSAAluminum Oxide153936Sale! $8.40
9"120PSAAluminum Oxide153937Sale! $8.40
9"180PSAAluminum Oxide153938Sale! $8.40
9"240PSAAluminum Oxide153939Sale! $8.40
10"60PSAAluminum Oxide153940Sale! $9.20
10"80PSAAluminum Oxide153941Sale! $9.59
10"120PSAAluminum Oxide153942Sale! $8.40
10"180PSAAluminum Oxide153943Sale! $8.40
10"240PSAAluminum Oxide153944Sale! $8.40
12"60PSAAluminum Oxide153945Sale! $13.59
12"80PSAAluminum Oxide153946Sale! $13.59
12"120PSAAluminum Oxide153947Sale! $12.79
12"180PSAAluminum Oxide153948Sale! $12.79
12"240PSAAluminum Oxide153949Sale! $12.79