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Bessey classiX Welding Clamps

Bessey's classiX series welding clamps includes the basic F-Style bar clamp that you need.  The higher clamping force clamps feature a heavier duty pad.  Ideal for general clamping or industrial use.
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classiX Clamps with Standard PadThroat DepthClamping CapacityClamping ForceWeightMFG#SKUPrice
Standard3-1/8"4"550 lb.0.5 lb.GS12-8K413225$17.99
Standard3-1/8"6"550 lb.0.6 lb.GS16K413227$18.99
Standard4"8"880 lb.1.8 lb.GS20K413228$24.99
Standard4-3/4"6"1000 lb.2 lb.GS16-12K413226$23.99
Standard4-3/4"10"1000 lb.2.5 lb.GS25K413229$25.99
Standard5-1/2"12"1200 lb.4.3 lb.GS30K413230$32.99
Standard4-3/4"24"1200 lb.5.1 lb.GS60K413231$46.99

classiX Clamps with Heavy Duty PadThroat DepthClamping CapacityClamping ForceWeightMFG#SKUPrice
Heavy Duty4-3/4"12"1880 lb.5 lb.GSL30413232$51.99
Heavy Duty4-3/4"24"1880 lb.6.5 lb.GSL60413233$59.99
Heavy Duty4-3/4"7-1/2"2660 lb.5.2 lb.GSM20413234$48.99
Heavy Duty5-1/2"9"2660 lb.6 lb.GSM25413235$54.99
Heavy Duty5-1/2"12"2660 lb.7 lb.GSM30413236$69.99
Heavy Duty5-1/2"16"2660 lb.7.5 lb.GSM40413237$78.99
Heavy Duty5-1/2"20"2660 lb.7.7 lb.GSM50413238$91.99
Heavy Duty5-1/2"24"2660 lb.8 lb.GSM60413239$102.99