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Festool Dust Extractor Combination Packages with T-Loc

Innovative design and versatility are only two of the characteristics of the Festool Cleantec (CT) Mobile Dust Extractors. CT's are compact and mobile with a sturdy chassis and extra large wheels with double casters to easily negotiate obstacles in the shop or on the work site. Combine these features with any Festool power tool that we stock and you will not only have a cleaner, safer work environment; you will save big when you buy them together!

Choose from
  • CT Mini - 2.6 Gallon
  • CT Midi - 3.96 Gallon
  • CT 26 - 6.9 Gallon
  • CT 36 - 9.5 Gallon
  • CT 48 - 12.7 Gallon

Festool products can only be sold in the 50 states.
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CT Mini PackageTool IncludedTool Model NumberPackage SavingsSKUPrice
CT MiniKapex KS 12056128743.5PN561287$1,805.00
CT MiniTS 75 EQ56143843.5PN561438$1,130.00
CT MiniPS 300 EQ Jigsaw56144343.5PN561443$680.00
CT MiniPSB 300 EQ Jigsaw56145543.5PN561455$680.00
CT MiniTS 55 REQ56155643.5PN561556$1,020.00
CT MiniPS 420EBQ Jigsaw56159343.5PN561593$755.00
CT MiniPSB 420 EBQ Jigsaw56160843.5PN561608$755.00
CT MiniPSC 420 EB Jigsaw56166843.5PN561668$955.00
CT MiniPSBC 420 EB Jigsaw56167743.5PN561677$955.00
CT MiniRS 2 E Sander56769643.5PN567696$800.00
CT MiniLS 130 EQ Sander56785243.5PN567852$800.00
CT MiniRTS 400 Sander56786343.5PN567863$650.00
CT MiniDTS 400 Sander56787143.5PN567871$650.00
CT MiniRAS 115.04 E Sander57078943.5PN570789$730.00
CT MiniRO 125 FEQ Sander57178243.5PN571782$870.00
CT MiniETS 150/3 EQ Sander57190343.5PN571903$750.00
CT MiniETS 150/5 EQ Sander57191643.5PN571916$750.00
CT MiniRO 150 FEQ Sander57181043.5PN571810$970.00
CT MiniETS 125 EQ Sander57181743.5PN571817$600.00
CT MiniRO 90 DX Sander57182343.5PN571823$820.00
CT MiniDF 500 Domino57433243.5PN574332$1,255.00
CT MiniOF 1010 EQ Router57433943.5PN574339$840.00
CT MiniOF 1400 EQ Router57434243.5PN574342$940.00
CT MiniOF 2200 EB Router57435443.5PN574354$1,290.00
CT MiniMFK 700 Router Set57436843.5PN574368$930.00
CT MiniDF 700 Domino57442243.5PN574422$1,655.00
CT MiniDF 500 Domino Set57443243.5PN574432$1,330.00
CT MiniDF 700 Domino Set57444743.5PN574447$1,730.00
CT MiniHL 850 Planer57455343.5PN574553$1,020.00

CT Midi PackageTool IncludedTool Model NumberPackage SavingsSKUPrice
CT MidiHL 850 Planer57455348.5PI574553$1,060.50
CT MidiMFK 700 Router Set57436848.5PI574368$970.50
CT MidiOF 2200 EB Router57435448.5PI574354$1,330.50
CT MidiOF 1010 EQ Router57433948.5PI574339$880.50
CT MidiOF 1400 EQ Router57434248.5PI574342$980.50
CT MidiDF 700 Domino Set57444748.5PI574447$1,770.50
CT MidiDF 700 Domino57442248.5PI574422$1,695.50
CT MidiDF 500 Domino Set57443248.5PI574432$1,370.50
CT MidiDF 500 Domino57433248.5PI574332$1,295.50
CT MidiETS 125 EQ Sander57181748.5PI571817$640.50
CT MidiRO 90 DX Sander57182348.5PI571823$860.50
CT MidiRO 150 FEQ Sander57181048.5PI571810$1,010.50
CT MidiETS 150/5 EQ Sander57191648.5PI571916$790.50
CT MidiETS 150/3 EQ Sander57190348.5PI571903$790.50
CT MidiRO 125 FEQ Sander57178248.5PI571782$910.50
CT MidiRAS 115.04 E Sander57078948.5PI570789$770.50
CT MidiDTS 400 Sander56787148.5PI567871$690.50
CT MidiRTS 400 Sander56786348.5PI567863$690.50
CT MidiLS 130 EQ Sander56785248.5PI567852$840.50
CT MidiRS 2 E Sander56769648.5PI567696$840.50
CT MidiPSB 420 EBQ Jigsaw56160848.5PI561608$795.50
CT MidiPS 420EBQ Jigsaw56159348.5PI561593$795.50
CT MidiPSC 420 EB Jigsaw56166848.5PI561668$995.50
CT MidiPSBC 420 EB Jigsaw56167748.5PI561677$995.50
CT MidiTS 55 REQ56155648.5PI561556$1,060.50
CT MidiPSB 300 EQ Jigsaw56145548.5PI561455$720.50
CT MidiPS 300 EQ Jigsaw56144348.5PI561443$720.50
CT MidiTS 75 EQ56143848.5PI561438$1,170.50
CT MidiKapex KS 12056128748.5PI561287$1,845.50

CT 26 PackageTool IncludedTool Model NumberPackage SavingsSKUPrice
CT 26ETS 150/5 EQ Sander57191659.526571916$907.50
CT 26ETS 150/3 EQ Sander57190359.526571903$907.50
CT 26PSC 420 EB Jigsaw56166859.526561668$1,112.50
CT 26DF 700 Domino Set57444759.526574447$1,887.50
CT 26TS 55 REQ56155659.526561556$1,177.50
CT 26PSB 420 EBQ Jigsaw56160859.526561608$912.50
CT 26PS 420EBQ Jigsaw56159359.526561593$912.50
CT 26PSBC 420 EB Jigsaw56167759.526561677$1,112.50
CT 26RO 90 DX Sander57182359.526571823$977.50
CT 26OF 1400 EQ Router57434259.526574342$1,097.50
CT 26TS 75 EQ56143859.526561438$1,287.50
CT 26MFK 700 Router Set57436859.526574368$1,087.50
CT 26DF 500 Domino Set57443259.526574432$1,487.50
CT 26DF 500 Domino57433259.526574332$1,412.50
CT 26PS 300 EQ Jigsaw56144359.526561443$837.50
CT 26PSB 300 EQ Jigsaw56145559.526561455$837.50
CT 26OF 1010 EQ Router57433959.526574339$997.50
CT 26RO 150 FEQ Sander57181059.526571810$1,127.50
CT 26RO 125 FEQ Sander57178259.526571782$1,027.50
CT 26ETS 125 EQ Sander57181759.526571817$757.50
CT 26RTS 400 Sander56786359.526567863$807.50
CT 26DTS 400 Sander56787159.526567871$807.50
CT 26DF 700 Domino57442259.526574422$1,812.50
CT 26Kapex KS 12056128759.526561287$1,962.50
CT 26RS 2 E Sander56769659.526567696$957.50
CT 26LS 130 EQ Sander56785259.526567852$957.50
CT 26RAS 115.04 E Sander57078959.526570789$887.50
CT 26OF 2200 EB Router57435459.526574354$1,447.50
CT 26HL 850 Planer57455359.526574553$1,177.50

CT 36 PackageTool IncludedTool Model NumberPackage SavingsSKUPrice
CT 36DF 700 Domino57442264.536574422$1,857.50
CT 36DTS 400 Sander56787164.536567871$852.50
CT 36RTS 400 Sander56786364.536567863$852.50
CT 36ETS 125 EQ Sander57181764.536571817$802.50
CT 36RO 125 FEQ Sander57178264.536571782$1,072.50
CT 36RO 150 FEQ Sander57181064.536571810$1,172.50
CT 36OF 1010 EQ Router57433964.536574339$1,042.50
CT 36PSB 300 EQ Jigsaw56145564.536561455$882.50
CT 36PS 300 EQ Jigsaw56144364.536561443$882.50
CT 36DF 500 Domino57433264.536574332$1,457.50
CT 36DF 500 Domino Set57443264.536574432$1,532.50
CT 36MFK 700 Router Set57436864.536574368$1,132.50
CT 36TS 75 EQ56143864.536561438$1,332.50
CT 36OF 1400 EQ Router57434264.536574342$1,142.50
CT 36RO 90 DX Sander57182364.536571823$1,022.50
CT 36PSBC 420 EB Jigsaw56167764.536561677$1,157.50
CT 36PS 420EBQ Jigsaw56159364.536561593$957.50
CT 36PSB 420 EBQ Jigsaw56160864.536561608$957.50
CT 36TS 55 REQ56155664.536561556$1,222.50
CT 36DF 700 Domino Set57444764.536574447$1,932.50
CT 36PSC 420 EB Jigsaw56166864.536561668$1,157.50
CT 36ETS 150/5 EQ Sander57191664.536571916$952.50
CT 36Kapex KS 12056128764.536561287$2,007.50
CT 36RS 2 E Sander56769664.536567696$1,002.50
CT 36LS 130 EQ Sander56785264.536567852$1,002.50
CT 36RAS 115.04 E Sander57078964.536570789$932.50
CT 36OF 2200 EB Router57435464.536574354$1,492.50
CT 36HL 850 Planer57455364.536574553$1,222.50
CT 36ETS 150/3 EQ Sander57190364.536571903$952.50

CT 48 PackageTool IncludedTool Model NumberPackage SavingsSKUPrice
CT 48PSC 420 EB Jigsaw56166869.548561668$1,202.50
CT 48DF 700 Domino Set57444769.548574447$1,977.50
CT 48TS 55 REQ56155669.548561556$1,267.50
CT 48PSB 420 EBQ Jigsaw56160869.548561608$1,002.50
CT 48PS 420EBQ Jigsaw56159369.548561593$1,002.50
CT 48PSBC 420 EB Jigsaw56167769.548561677$1,202.50
CT 48ETS 150/5 EQ Sander57191669.548571916$997.50
CT 48ETS 150/3 EQ Sander57190369.548571903$997.50
CT 48ETS 125 EQ Sander57181769.548571817$847.50
CT 48DTS 400 Sander56787169.548567871$897.50
CT 48RTS 400 Sander56786369.548567863$897.50
CT 48PS 300 EQ Jigsaw56144369.548561443$927.50
CT 48PSB 300 EQ Jigsaw56145569.548561455$927.50
CT 48RO 90 DX Sander57182369.548571823$1,067.50
CT 48OF 1010 EQ Router57433969.548574339$1,087.50
CT 48RO 125 FEQ Sander57178269.548571782$1,117.50
CT 48OF 1400 EQ Router57434269.548574342$1,187.50
CT 48RO 150 FEQ Sander57181069.548571810$1,217.50
CT 48MFK 700 Router Set57436869.548574368$1,177.50
CT 48TS 75 EQ56143869.548561438$1,377.50
CT 48DF 500 Domino57433269.548574332$1,502.50
CT 48DF 500 Domino Set57443269.548574432$1,577.50
CT 48Kapex KS 12056128769.548561287$2,052.50
CT 48DF 700 Domino57442269.548574422$1,902.50
CT 48RS 2 E Sander56769669.548567696$1,047.50
CT 48LS 130 EQ Sander56785269.548567852$1,047.50
CT 48RAS 115.04 E Sander57078969.548570789$977.50
CT 48OF 2200 EB Router57435469.548574354$1,537.50
CT 48HL 850 Planer57455369.548574553$1,267.50