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Freud Bevel Trim Bits

Cut bevels in plastic laminates for a clean, finished edge with Freud's Bevel Trim Bits!

  • Bevels range from 8 to 45 degrees and feature a ball bearing guide.
  • Cuts all plastic laminates.
  • Use on Hand-held routers, table-mounted portable routers, and laminate trimmers for trimming plastic laminate.

Item #828748 (Freud 66-100) is a solid carbide bit with a 7-degree bevel and self-piloting feature eliminating the need for a ball bearing assembly.

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Freud 1/4" ShankDBearing DAngleCLMFG #SKUPrice
1/4"19/32"1/2"15 degrees9/32"41-102828884$28.97
1/4"19/32"1/2"25 degrees9/32"41-104828885$30.47
1/4"31/32"1/2"45 degrees1/4"41-106828886$35.47
1/4"25/32"3/8"25 degrees29/64"41-108828887$31.97
1/4"9/16"1/2"8 degrees13/32"41-110834271$35.97