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HighPoint Exterior Grade Screws, 305 Stainless Steel, Bugle Head, Square Drive

Whether laying a deck or building outdoor furniture, HIGHPOINT™ 305 Stainless Steel Screws with a Type 17 cutter point are perfect for virtually all of your exterior needs. These screws are approved for used with treated woods (ACQ®) and are recommended when using acidic woods like Western Red Cedar or Redwood. 305 Stainless is also a good choice for use with long-life composite decking materials.

Our 305SS screws have sharp threads and a Type 17 point to help cut their way into the wood and can generally be driven into pressure treated woods without countersinking. A countersink is recommended when using composite deck materials because of density found with many of these materials. The head features a bugle style graduated bevel to sit flush and a "stick-fit" square drive recess to keep the screw on the bit.

Our 305 Stainless Steel material is passivated, which allows the material to form its own protective oxidized exterior layer, giving the fastener a long, corrosion free life. Be advised that 305 stainless is a softer material than our hardened steel HIGHPOINT™ Woodworking Screws. Predrilling may be necessary in some applications. Not recommended for use in marine environments where there is an exposure to salt water.

Note: All Sizes (#6, #8, and #10) in the HIGHPOINT 305 Stainless Bugle Head product line will have 0.345" head diameter to accommodate the #2 Square Drive recess.
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Size #6QuantitySKUPrice
6 x 11000619126Sale! $34.31

Size #10QuantitySKUPrice
10 x 1100619113Sale! $4.01
10 x 11000619137Sale! $47.44
10 x 1-1/4100619114Sale! $6.03
10 x 1-1/21000619139Sale! $59.56
10 x 1-3/4100619116Sale! $8.05
10 x 1-3/41000619140Sale! $79.76
10 x 2100619117Sale! $10.07
10 x 2-1/4100619118Sale! $10.07
10 x 2-1/4500619142Sale! $47.44