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HighPoint XT Woodworking Screws, Flat Head, Square Drive, Zinc

Extra Torque (XT) means just that! Commonly available screws will actually break around 25-30 inch/lbs. While that may be fine for drywall or other light duty applications, woodworking demands something better. HIGHPOINT™ Extra Torque Woodworking screws are engineered for tough applications and offer almost twice the torque values of other screws! Special attention is given to design as well as the heat treating process to produce one tough screw!

With a super sharp point and deep, biting threads, these screws will cut their way into just about any common hardwood you will use.

There are many advantages of a Square Drive design. Bits are less likely to jump out of the recess and allow you to use more driving torque. Square Drive offers a positive "stick-fit" which tends to stay on screwdriver bit tip, which is handy starting screws overhead or from other difficult angles. The positive fit means your bits will last longer and you are less likely to damage the screw. If you have driven screws that fall off the bit then you understand what we mean!

Commonly found on most general hardware, Clear Zinc plating is primarily a decorative finish. It provides a moderate amount of corrosion resistance but is recommended for interior applications. Not recommended for use in ACQ® treated lumber.

HIGHPOINT XT Woodworking Screws size #6 have a #1 Square drive recess and #8 have a #2 Square drive recess.
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Size #6QuantitySKUPrice
6 x 1/2100611200$4.99
6 x 1/21000611213$26.99
6 x 3/4100611201$4.39
6 x 3/41000611214$32.99
6 x 1-1/4100611202$4.59
6 x 1-1/41000611215$34.49

Size #8QuantitySKUPrice
8 x 3/4100611203$4.49
8 x 3/41000611216$33.69
8 x 1100611204$5.19
8 x 11000611217$38.99
8 x 1-1/4100611205$5.29
8 x 1-1/41000611218$39.69
8 x 1-1/2100611206$6.89
8 x 1-1/21000611219$51.69
8 x 1-3/4100611207$8.89
8 x 2100611208$8.99
8 x 21000611221Sale! $44.41
8 x 2-1/4100611209$9.99
8 x 2-1/4500611222Sale! $24.21
8 x 2-1/2100611210$9.99
8 x 2-1/2500611223$34.09

Powerhead Wood ScrewsQuantitySKUPrice
10 x 3"100611211$11.89