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FESTOOL Orbital Sanders

These direct drive units are used by professional tradesmen who need a good surface finish, especially for light sanding of wood or varnished surfaces. Their small size and light weight make them ideal for work on vertical surfaces.


  • Encapsulated bearing for long service life.
  • Sands close to edges for efficient working; smooth running through VS balancing, easy on wrists.
  • Edge protection prevents damage to workpiece.
  • Stepless electronic speed control for many applications.
  • Replaceable filter bags; dust extraction port; detachable power cord.

Festool Offers Several Finish Sanders - One for every application:

  • DTS 400 EQ Orbital Sander
  • RTS 400 EQ Orbital Sander
  • RS 2 Orbital Sander 


Festool products can only be sold in the 50 states.
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Orbital SanderPad SizeSKUPrice
RS 2 Orbital Sander115x228 mm567696$395.00
RTS 400 EQ Sander80x133 mm567863$245.00
DTS 400 EQ Orbital Sander100x150 mm567871$245.00

Sandpaper for DTS400 EQ Orbital SanderPad SizeGritQuantitySKUPrice
Rubin 2100x150 mm6050499134$24.00
Rubin 2100x150 mm8050499135$24.00
Rubin 2100x150 mm10050499136$24.00
Rubin 2100x150 mm12050499137$24.00
Rubin 2100x150 mm15050499138$24.00
Rubin 2100x150 mm18050499139$24.00
Rubin 2100x150 mm6010499142$8.00
Rubin 2100x150 mm8010499143$8.00
Rubin 2100x150 mm10010499144$8.00
Rubin 2100x150 mm12010499145$8.00
Granat100x150 mm4050497135$29.00
Granat100x150 mm6050497136$29.00
Granat100x150 mm8050497137$29.00
Granat100x150 mm120100497138$44.00
Granat100x150 mm150100497139$44.00
Granat100x150 mm180100497140$44.00
Granat100x150 mm220100497141$44.00
Granat100x150 mm240100497142$44.00
Granat100x150 mm320100497143$44.00
Granat100x150 mm400100497144$44.00
Brilliant 2100x150 mm4050492793$28.00
Brilliant 2100x150 mm6050492794$28.00
Brilliant 2100x150 mm8050492795$28.00
Brilliant 2100x150 mm100100492796$40.00
Brilliant 2100x150 mm120100492797$40.00
Brilliant 2100x150 mm150100492798$40.00
Brilliant 2100x150 mm220100492800$40.00
Brilliant 2100x150 mm180100492799$40.00
Brilliant 2100x150 mm240100492801$40.00
Brilliant 2100x150 mm320100492802$40.00
Brilliant 2100x150 mm400100492803$40.00
Brilliant 2100x150 mm4010492804$10.00
Brilliant 2100x150 mm8010492805$10.00
Brilliant 2100x150 mm12010492806$10.00
Brilliant 2100x150 mm18010492807$10.00

Sandpaper for RS 2 Orbital SanderPad SizeGritQuantitySKUPrice
Rubin 2115x228 mm6050499031$30.00
Rubin 2115x228 mm8050499032$30.00
Rubin 2115x228 mm10050499033$30.00
Rubin 2115x228 mm15050499035$30.00
Rubin 2115x228 mm8010499040$10.00
Rubin 2115x228 mm10010499041$10.00
Rubin 2115x228 mm12010499042$10.00
Brilliant 2115x228 mm4010492818$12.00
Brilliant 2115x228 mm8010492819$12.00
Brilliant 2115x228 mm12010492820$12.00
Brilliant 2115x228 mm18010492821$12.00
Brilliant 2115x228 mm4050492822$35.00
Brilliant 2115x228 mm6050492823$35.00
Brilliant 2115x228 mm8050492824$35.00
Brilliant 2115x228 mm100100492825$56.00
Brilliant 2115x228 mm120100492826$56.00
Brilliant 2115x228 mm150100492827$56.00
Brilliant 2115x228 mm180100492828$56.00
Brilliant 2115x228 mm220100492829$56.00
Brilliant 2115x228 mm240100492830$56.00
Brilliant 2115x228 mm320100492831$56.00
Brilliant 2115x228 mm400100492832$56.00
Titan 2115x228 mm220100492743$60.00
Vlies115x228 mm8005483588$15.00

Sandper for RTS 400 EQ SanderPad SizeGritQuantitySKUPrice
Rubin 280x133 mm6050499047$21.00
Rubin 280x133 mm8050499048$21.00
Rubin 280x133 mm10050499049$21.00
Rubin 280x133 mm8010499056$7.00
Rubin 280x133 mm12050499050$21.00
Rubin 280x133 mm15050499051$21.00
Rubin 280x133 mm18050499052$21.00
Rubin 280x133 mm6010499055$7.00
Rubin 280x133 mm10010499057$7.00
Rubin 280x133 mm12010499058$7.00
Brilliant 280x133 mm4050492848$24.00
Brilliant 280x133 mm6050492849$24.00
Brilliant 280x133 mm8050492850$24.00
Brilliant 280x133 mm100100492851$38.00
Brilliant 280x133 mm120100492852$38.00
Brilliant 280x133 mm150100492853$38.00
Brilliant 280x133 mm180100492854$38.00
Brilliant 280x133 mm220100492855$38.00
Brilliant 280x133 mm240100492856$38.00
Brilliant 280x133 mm320100492857$38.00
Brilliant 280x133 mm400100492858$38.00
Brilliant 280x133 mm4010492859$8.00
Brilliant 280x133 mm8010492860$8.00
Brilliant 280x133 mm12010492861$8.00
Brilliant 280x133 mm18010492862$8.00
Vlies80x133 mm1005483580$14.00
Cristal80x133 mm4050494057Sale! $10.50

Replacement PadsPad SizePad StyleSKUPrice
RTS 400 EQ Sander80x133 mmInterface490160$21.00
RTS 400 EQ Sander80x133 mmSoft489252$27.00
DTS 400 EQ Orbital Sander100x150 mmSoft493723$27.00

Hole PunchPad SizeSKUPrice
RS 2 Orbital Sander115x228 mm481523$36.00