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FastCap PowerHead Screws & Accessories

You know how easy it is to overdrive a screw and drive it too deep, especially when working with MDF or particleboard! PowerHead Screw's unique design completely eliminates this problem while offering two installation options!

Above the surface: Drill the PowerHead into position so that the entire head sits on the surface of your material.
Below the surface: In combination with an impact driver drill, the PowerHead Screw has been engineered with nibs underneath the large 9/16" head to cut through your material and allow your screw to sit perfectly flush with the material surface. The type 17, self-drilling auger point allows these screws to be driven into most woods without a pilot hole, and wide threads provide greater holding power. #8 gauge; zinc plated; 9 TPI.

FastCap Peel & Stick Screw Caps provide a professional finish when working with white melamine. Color matched self-adhesive cover caps are made of durable PVC. Apply over screws for a clean, finished look. 260 caps per pack.
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Powerhead Wood ScrewsColorQuantitySKUPrice
10 x 1-1/4"Zinc50147462$4.50
10 x 2-1/2"Zinc50147484$5.50
10 x 2-1/2"Zinc150834205$15.50
10 x 3"Zinc50834206$6.99
10 x 3"Zinc150834867$17.50

Powerhead Cabinet Installation ScrewsColorQuantitySKUPrice

Flushmount Drill SystemSettingsSKUPrice
9/16"Adjustable Ball Bearing Stop Collar147950$54.99

White Caps SizeQuantitySKUPrice

FastCap ColorQuantitySKUPrice
White PVC56153875$2.75
Maple PVC56153876$2.49
Unfin Maple56153877$5.99
Black PVC56153879$2.49
Prefin Maple56153880$5.99
Unfin Red Oak56153882$5.50