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Kreg Self-Tapping Pocket Hole Screws

Zinc coated Kreg screws are recommended for a wide variety of indoor projects where exposure to moisture is not a significant concern. Kreg screws are constructed of highly durable case hardened steel for the strongest possible joint. The unique design of the self-tapping tip acts as a pilot to drill its own hole in the mating workpiece to prevent your material from splitting. Coarse thread screws have larger thread diameter to provide greater holding power in softer materials such as pine, plywood and particle board. Fine thread screws are preferred choice in hardwoods as they eliminate any chance of splitting the wood. Hi-Lo thread type consists of two separate threads, one higher than the other that serves as a general purpose screw in medium hardwoods like poplar. Washer-Head (SML) with large bearing surface seats securely in bottom of pocket providing higher and more consistent clamping force on the joint line. Pan-Head (SPS) with slightly smaller head size sits below flush when joining 1/2" plywood for drawer boxes and smaller hole of Micro-Pocket joinery. Only Kreg screws are specifically designed to use with your Kreg JigĀ® to yield the strongest pocket hole joint possible.
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Size #6QuantityHeadThreadApplicationSKUPrice
6 x 3/4100Pan HeadFineMicro Pocket149967$4.19
6 x 3/4500Pan HeadFineMicro Pocket149968$16.79
6 x 3/41000Pan HeadFineMicro Pocket149969$26.99
6 x 1100Pan HeadFineHardwoods142690$4.49
6 x 1150Pan HeadFineHardwoods158785B$4.49
6 x 1500Pan HeadFineHardwoods840834$18.99
6 x 11000Pan HeadFineHardwoods835040$26.99
6 x 1-1/4100Pan HeadFineHardwoods833070$4.69
6 x 1-1/4500Pan HeadFineHardwoods153304$18.89
6 x 1-1/41000Pan HeadFineHardwoods153305$27.99
6 x 1/2100Pan HeadFineHardwoods149570$5.19
6 x 1-1/2500Pan HeadFineHardwoods834826$20.99
6 x 1-1/21000Pan HeadFineHardwoods846663$31.49

Size #7QuantityHeadThreadApplicationSKUPrice
7 x 3/4150Pan HeadFineMicro Pocket158785A$4.19
7 x 1100Pan HeadCoarseSoftwoods142689$4.49
7 x 1150Pan HeadCoarseSoftwoods158785C$4.49
7 x 1500Pan HeadCoarseSoftwoods833535$17.99
7 x 11000Pan HeadCoarseSoftwoods819598$26.99
7 x 1-1/4100Washer HeadFineHardwoods142250$4.69
7 x 1-1/4150Washer HeadFineHardwoods158785D$4.69
7 x 1-1/4500Washer HeadFineHardwoods142251$18.89
7 x 1-1/41000Washer HeadFineHardwoods144742$27.99
7 x 1-1/45000Washer HeadFineHardwoods824803$84.99
7 x 1-1/41000Washer HeadHi-LoMan-Mades840289$27.99
7 x 1-1/2150Washer HeadFineHardwoods158785F$5.19
7 x 1-1/2100Washer HeadFineHardwoods142252$5.19
7 x 1-1/2500Washer HeadFineHardwoods142253$20.99
7 x 1-1/21000Washer HeadFineHardwoods842257$31.49

Size #8QuantityHeadThreadApplicationSKUPrice
8 x 1-1/4100Washer HeadHi-LoMan-Mades840287$4.69
8 x 1-1/4500Washer HeadHi-LoMan-Mades840288$18.89
VariousCombination of #6, #7 & #8AssortedAssortedAssorted149084$29.99
8 x 1100Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods142257$4.49
8 x 1500Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods148751$17.99
8 x 11000Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods153306$26.99
8 x 1-1/4100Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods142246$4.69
8 x 1-1/4150Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods158785E$4.69
8 x 1-1/4500Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods142247$18.89
8 x 1-1/41000Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods144741$27.99
8 x 1-1/45000Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods824804$84.99
8 x 1-1/2100Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods142248$5.19
8 x 1-1/2150Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods158785G$5.19
8 x 1-1/2500Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods142249$20.99
8 x 1-1/21000Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods842256$31.49
8 x 250Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods834689$3.69
8 x 2250Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods834690$14.69
8 x 2-1/250Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods146593$5.19
8 x 2-1/2250Washer HeadCoarseSoftwoods145752$18.89

Size #14QuantityHeadThreadApplicationSKUPrice
2-1/230Washer HeadCoarseHardwoods154348$5.49
2-1/2125Washer HeadCoarseHardwoods154349$19.99