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Whiteside Ultimate Flush Trim/Pattern Router Bits

Whiteside Model UDC9112 Spiral Combination 1/2" SH X 7/8" D X 1-1/8"CL
Whiteside Model UDFT9112 Spiral Flush Trim 1/2" SH X 7/8" D X 1-1/8"CL
Whiteside Model UDP9112 Pattern Trim Bit 1/2" SH X 7/8" D X 1-1/8"CL
The Ultimate in flush trim bits – if you use a lot of templates or use a router bit to flush trim, then this is the best that you can buy. These Ultimate Flush Trim Bits are perfect when working with templates or when using a router to flush trim matching wood surfaces. Whiteside’s compression spiral design, with a 7/8" diameter bearing guide, makes this bit easy to use in the router and produces a superior quality trimmed edge. The Ultimate Flush Trim series brings industrial engineered bits, previously manufactured for CNC machines, right into your shop.

In order to fully understand all of these benefits, let us examine pattern cutting in the traditional style. Currently the operator must pay special attention to the grain pattern to keep the wood from tearing out. As with any wood grain, it is constantly changing as it moves toward the perimeter of the piece of wood. The operator may need to flip the piece over in order to get the best possible cut.

The Ultimate Trim Bits utilize the diameter by creating higher shear angles and, with the compression design, allow the bit to cut both sides simultaneously. These bits are designed for either flush trimming or pattern cutting 
  • Compression spiral technology 
  • 7/8" diameter for higher shear angles 
  • Novice approved for creating perfect edges 
  • Pattern, flush and combination bit designs available