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CMT Downcut Spiral Bits

CMT 192.000.02 5-Piece Downcut Spiral Router Bit Set
CMT 192.008.11 Downcut Spiral Router Bit 1/4"SH 1/4"D 1"CL 2-1/2"OL
CMT 192.501.11 Downcut Spiral Router Bit 1/2"SH 5/16"D 1"CL 2-1/2"OL
CMT 192.503.11 Downcut Spiral Router Bit 1/2"SH 3/8"D 1-1/4"CL 3"OL
CMT 192.505.11 Downcut Spiral Router Bit 1/2"SH 1/2"D 1-1/4"CL 3"OL
CMT 192.507.11 Downcut Spiral Router Bit 1/2"SH 1/2"D 2"CL 4"OL
CMT 196.506.11 1/2 Downcut Spiral Router Bit
CMT 822.332.11B Slot Cutter with A&B, 1-7/8" x 1/2" x 1/8"
$25.72 $23.99
Solid carbide spiral bits are a great choice for anyone who is serious about performance and value. Spiral Bits are unsurpassed for cleaner cuts in ordinary or difficult materials, softwood, hardwood, plywood, composites etc. The spiral cutting edge stays in continuous contact with the workpiece, providing a smooth, chatter-free cutting action. Remember: UPCUT bits provide fast chip ejection and deliver the finest finish on the lower surface of the workpiece. DOWNCUT are the best choice where an ultra-smooth finish on the upper surface is the highest priority.

D = Diameter; CD = Cutting Depth; CL = Cutting Length; R = Radius; SH = Shank Diameter; OL = Overall Length.