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CMT Fifteen Piece Sets and Individual Bits

CMT 800.001.00 15-Piece Router Bit Set - 1/4"SH
CMT 801.127.11 Mortising Router Bit 1/4"SH 1/2"D 3/4"CL
CMT 811.200.11 Straight Router Bit 1/4"SH 20mmD 3/4"CL 2"OL
CMT 812.060.11 Straight Router Bit 1/4"SH 15/64"D 1"CL 2-3/8"OL
$22.75 $25.99
CMT 816.064.11 Panel Pilot Router Bit 1/4"SH 1/4"D 3/4"CL 2-1/2"OL
CMT 835.317.11 Rabbeting Router Bit 1/4"SH 3/8"CD 1-1/4"D 1/2"CL 1/2"B
CMT 837.286.11 Cove Router Bit 1/4"SH 3/8"R 1-1/4"OD 1/2"CL
CMT 840.270.11 Roman Ogee Router Bit 1/4"SH 5/32" R 1-1/8" OD 29/64" CL
Our 15 piece router bit set includes a huge assortment of straight and profile bits, beautifully organized and ready to use. You'll get a selection of 1/4" shank bits that will get lots of work in any shop. For grooving and slotting jobs, there are four straight bits, plus a mortising bit that is perfect for hardware installation. Then there's a flush trim bit for laminate or veneer trimming, a handy panel pilot bit, and a host of profile and grooving bits.

D = Diameter; CD = Cutting Depth; CL = Cutting Length; R = Radius; SH = Shank Diameter; OL = Overall Length. See 'Ships Direct from Manufacturer' link for warranty and return details.