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CMT 13 Piece Router Bit Set, Model 800.505.11

CMT 13 Piece Router Bit Set, Model 800.505.11
CMT 811.564.11 Straight Router Bit 1/2"SH 1/4"D 3/4"CL 2-3/8"OL
CMT 814.564.11 Round Nose Router Bit 1/2"SH 1/8"R 1/4"D 5/8"CL
CMT 815.690.11 90 Degree V-Grooving Router Bit 1/2" SH 3/4" D 5/8" CL
$23.74 $26.99
CMT 818.628.11 Dovetail Router Bit For Incra Jig 1/2"SH 1/2"D 1/2"CL 14A 2-1/2"OL
CMT 837.350.11 Cove Router Bit 1/4"SH 1/2"R 1-1/2"OD 3/4"CL
CMT 835.817.11 Rabbeting Router Bit 1/2"SH 3/8"CD 1-1/4"D 1/2"CL 1/2"B
CMT 838.817.11 Roundover Router Bit 1/2"SH 3/8"R 1-1/4"OD 9/16"CL 1/2"BD
CMT 840.850.11 Roman Ogee Router Bit 1/2"SH 1/4"R 1-1/2"OD 11/16"CL
Get any shop up & running in a hurry with this set, or supplement your existing bit collection. It includes thirteen 1/2" shank bits that every craftsman needs: ogee, cove, rabbeting, roundover, dovetail, chamfer, straight and flush trim. Packed in a beautiful Italian hardwood case for display and safe storage.

A = Cutting Angle; BD = Bearing Diameter; CD = Cutting Depth; CL = Cutting Length; D = Diameter; OD = Overall Diameter; OL = Overall Length; R = Radius; SH = Shank Diameter.