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Whiteside Canoe Router Bits

Whiteside #3520 1/4" Stock Canoe Flute Router Bit With Bearing, 1/4" SH, 1-1/8" CD
Whiteside # 3530 1/4" Stock Canoe Bead Router Bit With Bearing, 1/2" Shank, 1-1/8" CD
Building a strip canoe involves gluing a number of long flexible cedar or similar wood strips together over plywood forms. The cove and bead joint that allows the strips to glue together across the curve of the form is easy to mill using these special router bits. The unique 3-cutter design will shape hundreds of lineal feet of 1/4" thick strips with smooth precision while the shank mounted bearings make set-up a breeze. Use this construction method to build boats, planters or any curved wood project.