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WoodRiver Anti-Kickback Bead and Flute Router Bits

Bead And Flute Router Bit Set
WoodRiver 1/4" Flute Cutter Router Bit
WoodRiver 1/4" Bead Cutter Router Bit
The anti-kickback design of these industrial quality carbide router bits limits stock feed rate for safer router operations. Solid steel bodies are precision machined to carefully controlled tolerances. A final CNC machine 600 grit wet grind on the K-20 German carbide produces a clean, extremely sharp, and durable cutting edge. Bit bodies are coated to help prevent resin build up and make resin removal easier. High quality Japanese bearings are used on bits fitted with guide bearings. All bits are carbide tipped. D = diameter, CL = cutting length, R = radius, SH = shank diameter Often referred to as "canoe" bits since they are used to make matching flute and bead edges on 1/4" thick wood strips so they can conform to a curved surface. 1/4" shank.