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Freud Base Cap and Baseboard Molding Router Bits

Freud 99-480 Base Cap Router Bit Style 163
Freud 99-482 Base Cap Router Bit Style 166
Freud 99-484 Baseboard Router Bit
FREUD Router Bits An industry leader for over 50 years, the Freud name equals quality, precision and craftsmanship. Freud router bits feature Freud made TiCo™ Hi-Density Carbide for maximum cutting life. Each bit is individually balanced, giving a cut above the rest. Freud Architectural Molding Series Router Bits Trim carpenters, remodelers and woodworking enthusiast can now mill molding of almost any size, shape and configuration to add beautiful detail to match existing trim or create an all new look. All that's required is a 2-1/4 HP or larger router, a sturdy router table and fence, and a selection of bits from Freud's Architectural Molding Series. All bits have 1/2" shanks except where noted. Base Cap and Baseboard Molding Router Bits Create baseboard or traditional "mop" boards in any width from any wood. These bits are ideal for matching extra-high base moldings. Rout base cap only or profile the edge of wide base molding.