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CMT 45º Lock Miter Bits

CMT 855.503.11 45 Degree Lock Miter Router Bit 45A 1-1/8" MaxJT 1/2"SH 2-3/4"OD 1-1/4"CL
CMT 855.504.11 Baby Lock Miter Router Bit 45
The lock miter joint is perfect for a long list of right angle or parallel joints: boxes, stretcher bars, frames, edge-to-edge glue-ups and more. In fact, these bits are so popular that we now offer two sizes, allowing you to mill joints in stock as thin as 3/8" or as thick as 1-1/8".

D = Diameter; CD = Cutting Depth; CL = Cutting Length; R = Radius; SH = Shank Diameter; OL = Overall Length.