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Freud Flush Trim Router Bits with Top and Bottom Bearing

Freud 50-501 Flush Trim Router Bit Top And Bottom Bearing 1/2"D 1-1/4"CL 1/4"SH
Freud 50-509 Flush Trim Router Bit Top And Bottom Bearing 3/4"D 1-5/8"CL 1/2"SH

Double bearing design allows you to choose the cutting direction that best suits your work piece. Freud’s Top & Bottom Bearing Bits let you rout half the curve in one direction, flip the work piece over and rout the other half in the opposite direction without repositioning your pattern. Perfect for templates placed above or below the work piece, or to trim laminates or veneer perfectly flush with countertops, shelving and other projects.

  • Cuts all hardwoods, softwoods, plastic laminates and veneered plywood.
  • Use on hand-held routers, laminate trimmers, and table-mounted portable routers.
  • Application: Trimming laminate counter tops and doing pattern work