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CMT Flush Trim & Super Duty Flush Trim Bits

CMT 191.507.11B Double-Bearing Upcut Spiral Flush Trim Router Bit 1/2" SH 1/2" D 2" CL 4-1/2" OL
CMT 806.096.11 Flush Trim Router Bit 1/4"SH 3/8"D 1/2"CL 3/8"BD
CMT 806.127.11 Flush Trim Router Bit 1/4" SH 1/2" D 1" CL 1/2" BD
CMT 806.191.11 Flush Trim Router Bit 1/4"SH 3/4"D 1"CL 3/4"BD
CMT 806.629.11 Flush Trim Router Bit 1/2"SH 1/2"D 1-1/2"CL 1/2"BD
CMT 806.630.11 Flush Trim Router Bit 1/2"SH 1/2D 2"CL 1/2"BD
CMT 806.690.11 Super-Duty Flush Trim Router Bit 1/2"SH 3/4"D 2"CL 3/4"BD
CMT Flush Trim bits feature premium micrograin carbide edges and our trademark orange coating. Our Super Duty Flush Trim Bits (item #806.690.11 & 806.691.11) go a couple of steps further, with a negative shear angle cutting edge and 3/4" cutting diameter that make these tools perfect for your toughest and most critical trim jobs. Downward shear cutting action virtually eliminates any chipping or splintering on the top surface of the workpiece, even when the job requires fast cuts in delicate materials.

D = Diameter; CD = Cutting Depth; CL = Cutting Length; R = Radius; SH = Shank Diameter; OL = Overall Length.

Note: Products labeled 'Ships Direct from Manufacturer' are shipped directly from the manufacturer, whose warranty supercedes any offered by Woodcraft. In-stock product will ship within 5 business days. All returns after 30 days are subject to a 25% restocking fee. For details, click on the 'Ships Direct From Manufacturer' link below.