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Freud Laminate Blades

Freud LU82M010 Circular Saw Blade 10" X 5/8" Bore X 60  Tooth TCG
Freud LU97R012 Double Sided Laminate/Melamine Circular Saw Laminate Saw Blade 12" x 1" Bore x 96 Tooth TCG
Freud LU97R9010 Double Sided Laminated/Melamine Circular Saw Blade 10" X 5/8" Bore X 80 Tooth TCG
Freud LU92M010 MTCG Laminate Flooring Circular Saw Laminate Saw Blade 10" x 5/8" Bore x 60 Tooth
Freud  LU96R008 Double sided Laminate / Melamine Saw Blade 8" X 5/8" Bore X 64Tooth Thin Kerf
Freud LU96R012 Laminate Circular Saw Blade 12" x 1" Bore x 96 Tooth Top Center Grind
Cut with a blade that will last longer and give you superior performance! Unlike the stamped die cut blades, all of Freud's blades are cut to the exact size by a high performance laser.

    Freud blades have 2 different coatings.
    The Silver I.C.E. coating resists corrosion and resin build-up, and resists heat up to 2 times longer than standard polished blades.
    The red Perma-Shield coating virtually eliminates heat from friction in addition to corrosion and resin build-up.
    The carbide tips on the Freud blades are TiCo Hi-Density Carbide from Freud's own manufacturing facilities in Italy.Freud Laminate Blades When you need to cut man-made materials, Freud's laminate blades are ideal because they're especially designed for that purpose.

      The single sided laminate blade gives a perfect finish on one side of laminates or melamine
      The double sided provides excellent finish to the top and bottoms of laminates, melamine or veneer plywood
      The laser-cut anti-vibration design yields the plate acoustically dead to reduce any sideways movement of the cutting edge to prevent chipping
      For double-sided laminate, choose blades marked DSLAM
      TK = Thin kerf.
      10" blades have 5/8" arbors, 12" blades have 1" arbor.
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