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CMT Dado Pro Set

CMT 230.012.08 Circular Saw Dado Pro Saw Blade Set
#230-024-08-11 CMT 8x24 Precision Dado Set for 5/8" Diameter Arbor
$178.95 $200.85

After much research, this Dado Pro Set from CMT will help you create the ideal dado!

  • Anti-kickback design to reduce the possibility of overfeeding that can occur when cutting mass material.
  • Splinter resistant cuts in veneer plywod, melamine and hard or soft woods.
  • Five chippers (4x1/8" - 1x1/16") keep the cut flat and virtually free from tear out.
  • Shim sets included for cuts between 1/4" and 13/16".
  • Ideal for underpowered saws.

Set Includes: 2 blades, 5 carbide tipped two-tooth chippers, steel shim set (shim #3, shim width .004; Shim #2, shim width .008; shim #1, shim width .012; shim #1, shim width .02), and sturdy, reusable carrying case.