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Churchill Rollerball Screw Cap Pen Kit

Churchill Rollerball Screw Cap Pen Kit - Gold
El Grande/ Churchill/ Cambridge Bushings
WoodRiver Pen Makers Bit 31/64 Inch
WoodRiver Pen Makers Bit 33/64 Inch
El Grande/Churchill/Cambridge Replacement Tubes 5 -Pair
Hauser 777 Roller Ball Refill
This bold new larger sized kit features a highly styled clip, black rounded ends and center ring with gold highlights. A fairly robust sized pen, it still fits comfortably in the hand and is surprisingly light. Its classic design is sure to please any one who appreciates a finely designed pen. Standard gold finish. Requires a pen mandrel, 5/8" x 5/8" x 5" blank, 31/64" and 33/64" drill bits and a bushing set.