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Sonicrafter End Cut Blades

Sonicrafter End Cut Blade, 1-3/8", Model RW9121
Sonicrafter Universal End Cut, 1-3/8", Model RW9122
Sonicrafter Precision End Cut, 1-3/8", Model RW9123
Sonicrafter Precision End Wood Cut Blade, 1-3/8", Model RW9123.3, 3pcs
Sonicrafter 3/8" Universal End Cut Blade, 3 pieces, Model RW9252.3
End Cut Blades attach to the Rockwell Sonicrafter. Use the 1-3/8" End Wood Cut Blade on wood and soft plastic. The 1-3/8" Precision End Cut Blade with precision ground beveled tooth design allows for agressive plunge cutting up to 1 5/8" depth. The 1-3/8" Universal End Cut Blade allows plunge cutting up To 1-5/8" depth. Will cut non-ferrous metals. See 'Ships Direct from Manufacturer' link for warranty and return details.