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Fein MultiMaster Accessories Group 2

FEIN MultiMaster Carbide Grout Blade
FEIN MultiMaster Scraper Blade
HSS Saw Blade - 3- 15/16" - 1 pk.
$71.68 $78.90
Sand Paper 150grit / 50box
$21.18 $23.30
Fein MultiMaster Carbide-tipped Segment Saw Blade For cutting through marble and concrete truss joints. Cropped saw blades enable you to work flush to the surface. The segment blades allow you to cut at right angles without overcutting. Fein MultiMaster Mini E-cut Set The Mini E-cut saw blades are exactly the right size for working in tight spaces, in difficult-to-reach spots or for sawing small recesses (above 10 mm). Use on non-ferrous metals, plastic, wood, and fiberglass. Includes Blade Holder, (2) Blade Adaptors, Diamond Sharpening Blade, Carbide Blade, (2) Wood Cutting Saw Blades, and (2) Metal Cutting Saw Blades. Fein MultiMaster Segment Blade For cutting a variety of materials such as linoleum flooring, rubber, cardboard, leather, carpet, etc. Fein MultiMaster Profile Sanding Kit For fine sanding work in cramped spaces, in grooves and on profiles. High stock removal rate. Fast and simple exchanging of profiles and sanding discs. Fein MultiMaster Rigid Scraper Blade Use to remove floor coverings, adhesives, hammer scales, car undercoatings, defective coatings, etc.