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Whiteside Pro Pen Mandrels

Whiteside Pro Pen Mandrel #2 MT
Replacement Mandrel Shaft for Whiteside Pro Pen Mandrel

Gone are the days of off-centered turnings and the need for spacers for those shorter projects. The Whiteside Pro Pen Mandrel system incorporates similar technology used on today’s most modern CNC machines. This technology allows for a superior hold on the mandrel, while providing quick, easy adjustments for the varying lengths of different kits.


Simply loosen the collet nut, slide the mandrel to the desired length and retighten; it’s that simple! The Whiteside Pro Pen Mandrels feature true fitting Morse Tapers, which promote a better fit to the taper on the headstock of the lathe. Chuck incorporates a #1 or #2 MT depending on the model, and is 5-5/16" long. Mandrel is .246" in diameter and 7-1/2" long.