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Pen and Pencil Makers Mandrel

1 MT Mandrel
1 MT Mandrel
2 MT Mandrel
2 MT Mandrel
Replacement Mandrel Shaft
Replacement Compression Stop Nut
Replacement Knurled Brass Nut
Our economical mandrel system provides the base for turning precision pens, pencils, keychains, etc. To use, simply place the proper bushings and your blanks on the shaft and secure with the knurled brass mandrel nut. When turning projects such as keychains, which do not require the full length of the mandrel shaft, just slide the provided stop onto the mandrel until the needed length is exposed, and tighten the stop!
  • Mandrel includes Morse Taper Shaft
  • Knurled brass shaft nut
  • Compression stop nut.