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Professional Pen Turning Mandrel

Professional Pen Turning Mandrel 1 MT
Professional Pen Turning Mandrel 2 MT
Replacement Mandrel Shaft with Nut
How would you like a mandrel system that is self centering and also allows you to switch between small turning projects of any length with a simple loosening and tightening of a nut? That's right, no more off center turnings and/or spacers for short length projects. A totally new concept, our mandrels feature a collet that ensures that the shaft is always exactly centered on your lathe. Because the collet body is hollow, the amount of mandrel shaft extending from the collet can be varied for turning everything from key chains to larger pens. The locking nut and collet work like the collet in your router, just loosen the nut and slide the shaft in or out to the length you need, then tighten. The small end of the collet body features a 5/16" thread that allows you to pass a bolt through your headstock and, with the mandrel shaft removed, the collet assembly can be used as a 1/4" collet chuck! Includes 1/4" collet, collet nut, and mandrel shaft with washer and nut. Bushing sets must be purchased separately. NOTE: 06R0A can be used as a replacement shaft for 145997 and 145998.