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Paper Pen Cases

Paper Pen Case w/out Clip 4-Piece
Foldable Paper Pen Case Double
$4.51 $4.99
Paper Pen Case Gift wrap your pens quickly and easily. Slide open, place your pen in the tray and slide the cover on. This unique wrapping allows you to display the clip of your pen through the cut out. Packs of 4. Measures 7-1/8″ L x 11-1/16″ W x 7/8″ H. Foldable Paper Pen Case This foldable pen case offers a unique way to not only protect your pens, but also wrap pens being given as a gift. The foldable case lid is held in place with an elastic band. Choose a single or double cases, packaged 4 per package. Measures 6" L x 1-13/16" W x 5/8"H.