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Stick Fast CA Wood Finish System

StickFast CA Finishing Kit
Stick Fast CA Finish Thin 2.5oz
StickFast Finish Thin 4.6oz
Stick Fast 2.5oz Med CA Finish
Stick Fast CA Finish Medium 4 oz.
StickFast CA Polish Satin  2oz
StickFast CA Polish Gloss 2oz
Stick Fast CA Black Flex Glue 1oz
StickFast Change-A-Tip Pack
Stick Fast Aerosol Activator 7.5oz
Hold Fast Non-Stick Bushings for CA Pen Finishing
Turners and pen makers have been using CA glue for years to put tough, glossy finishes on projects ranging from pens to small bowls. Why? As a finish CA glue is very durable, polishes up nicely, and is resistant to solvents and acids. But standard CA glue isn’t the easiest stuff to use. Enter the folks at Stick Fast™ who worked with fellow turners to create a unique formulation that put finishing above gluing. They made three changes to the basic formulation: increased cure time to 50-60 seconds for easier application; added flexibility for durability; and finally, increased the build rate per coat. The final result is a true CA finish that is easier to apply, builds faster and is resistant to shock (less brittle). Combine this with the rest of the system featuring a unique misting accelerator; specially formulated polishes; accenting gap filling Black Flex CA and you have a superior system for finishing pens and turnings.