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Lauréy Melrose Stainless Steel

Laurey Melrose T-bar Pull Stainless Steel 5-3/4" Over All Length 96 mm Center To Center
Laurey Melrose T-Bar Knob Stainless Steel 2" Center to Center
$3.00 $6.75
Laurey Melrose T Bar Pull Stainless Steel 4" Center to Center
If you're looking for the perfect accent to complete your project or want to update your cabinetry with new hardware, take a look at Lauréy Cabinet Hardware.
  • Lauréy offers the widest variety of finishes and designs in basic and decorative cabinet hardware.
  • Lauréy finishes are designed and tested to withstand corrosion by moisture and salt air.
  • When properly maintained, Lauréy finishes resist abrasion and enhance the luster and exquisite beauty of Lauréy products for years.
  • All Lauréy die cast, stamped and solid brass products are protected by triple treatments of long-lasting genuine lacquer which is the only coating designed to enhance the finish without discoloring.
Melrose Stainless Steel...A new selection of 304 Stainless Steel for a contemporary feel. Note: Photo not to scale. Click here to view all Lauréy Cabinet Hardware.