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4" Poly Blast Gate

4" Basic Blast Gate Dust Collection Fitting
Quick Disconnect ABS Blastgate
Dust Collection Fitting, Blast Gate, ABS, 4" OD
Dust Collection Fitting, Self Clearing Blast Gate, ABS, 4-inch OD
Even the most efficient dust collection system is of little use if you have to keep bending down to open the blast gates. These brackets hold any of the 4" plastic blast gates listed below in place and at a convenient height that will make operation so simple you will be more apt to use your dust collector each and every time you use a tool.
  • Compatible with most 4" plastic blast gates
  • Brackets have two mounting holes for mounting vertically or horizontally
  • Blast gates can be operated from either side or the front (threaded port gate front only)
  • Slots provided to permanently mount your blast gate
  • Blast gates sold separately