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Dust Collection Fittings

Flanged Dust Port 13-1/2" x 8"
Dust Extraction Fitting, Fence Adapter, 2-1/2"
Dust Extraction Fitting, Funnel Reducer, 4" x 2-1/4"
Dust Collection Fitting, Self Clearing Blast Gate, ABS, 4-inch OD
Dust Collection Fitting, Blast Gate, ABS, 4" OD
Dust Collection Fitting, Blast Gate, Aluminum, 2-1/2" OD
Dust Collection Fitting, 45-degree Elbow, 4" OD
Build a high performance dust extraction system for your shop - economically. Made of ABS plastic (except for the Funnel Reducer), these fittings are designed to stand up against the abrasive nature of saw dust and wood fiber.

The Flanged Dust Port (13-1/2" x 8") is a great solution to older cabinet table saws with no dust port.
  • Simply install on an adapter plate or directly on the machine and hook a hose to the 4" port and you are ready to go.
The 2-1/2" Fence Adapter can be used with a DIY router table fence or simply connect a 2-1/2" hose to the port and use it to collect dust and chips from your drill press.
  • This well designed fitting will replace damaged dust ports on most commercial router table fences.
  • Add rare-earth magnets to the sealing flange of the fitting and it stays in place while you work, without clamps to get in the way.
Funnel Reducer (4" x 2-1/4").
  • This fitting gives you the advantage of a pliable material that flexes more than the traditional ABS that makes up most dust extractions.
  • This is especially important in installations where the reducer lies on the floor and is prone to an occasional stumble or bump.
  • The smooth transition from 4" to 2-1/2" allows the user to connect their 4" ported equipment to a shop vacuum with only a minor loss in flow.

4" Self-clearing Blast Gate
  • The self-clearing blast gate connects in line with 4" O.D. ports on either side and features a unique shaped gate that eliminates chip build-up in the blast gate housing.
4" Quick-Connect Threaded Blast Gate
  • The quick-connect blast gate has a 4" threaded port on one side and a quick-connect port on the other. This configuration allows you to join your portable dust collector or branch line of your system to provide an airtight friction fit on 4" O.D. fittings like dust hoods or machine ports without loosening and tightening hose clamps.
2-1/2" Aluminum Blast Gate
  • The aluminum blast gate has 21/2" O.D. ports on either side with an aluminum housing and steel gate that stands up to years of rugged use.
4" 45-degree elbow
  • The 45-degree elbow has 4" O.D. ports on either end and offers a smoother flow of material than the typical 90-degree elbow.
Because of the danger of static electricity involved with dust collection, we highly recommend the book Dust Collection Basics (40 pg., soft cover) be read prior to any installation.