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DETAIL MASTER Woodburning Systems

Detail Master "Dagger III"
Detail Master "Sabre IV"
Detail Master "Excalibre"
"Etch Master" Pyrographic System
Carry Case For Dagger Units
Carry Case For Excalibre & Sabre Units
Replaceable Tip Handpiece V2
Each model features solid state circuitry; variable head regulator dial; on/off switch; on indicator light; enameled steel body with stainless steel cover; easy loading sockets for handpiece plugs; side handpiece holding scabbards, and a 5' power cord. Maximum temperatures of 2000°. Heat recovery time varies from model to model and is dependent on wattage. Pens not included, requires fixed tip or replaceable tip handpieces listed below. (A) Detail Master Dagger III delivers 50 watts of power and is ideal for all general feather and decorative burning. (B) Detail Master Sabre IV delivers 100 watts of power to meet the needs of serious carvers. (C) Detail Master Excalibre features two outlets so you can use your favorite pair of handpieces. Selector switch regulates power to only one handpiece at a time for safety. Powerful 130 watt transformer can deliver tip heat from 0-2000° in seven seconds with rapid heat recovery. (D) Etch Master Pyrographic System. An excellent starter set for carvers or decorative craft burners. 35 watts of power for most woods, leather, and plastics. Due to limited power, do not use with large or x-long pens. Features on/off switch, dial heat regulator, and 6' cord. Carrying Cases. These convenient boxes have room for the control unit, extra pens and accessories. Replaceable Tip Handpieces offer a less expensive way to have several tip styles. While more economical, they require slightly more care and maintenance, and can result in "lost time" when changing tips. This new model handpiece is an improvement over the old "sliplock" style in that it runs much cooler and the solid, silver brazed tips make better contact electrically in the handpiece. Old and new style tips are not interchangeable in their respective handpieces. Complete with cord and jack plug to fit all Detail Master units.