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Detail Master Tip 1-B

Replaceable Tip Only 1B-V2
Replaceable Tip Handpiece V2
Fixed Tip Handpiece, 1-B
This is the intermediate tip with a 45º angled blade burning tip. It has a point and heel like the 1-A, but the tip is wider. Most carvers and craftsmen use this tip for general purpose line and barb burning where a larger tip might cause over burning into the next feather. Use this tip also where you could not hold the pen at a 45º angle. The radius edge on one side allows for horizontal, push-pull strokes in tight areas. Note: Replaceable Tips require the use of a Replaceable Tip Handpiece, 146540, available separately. Replaceable Tip Handpieces offer a less expensive way to have several tip styles. While more economical, they require slightly more care and maintenance, and can result in "lost time" when changing tips. This new model handpiece is an improvement over the old "sliplock" style in that it runs much cooler and the solid, silver brazed tips make better contact electrically in the handpiece. Old and new style tips are not interchangeable in their respective handpieces. Complete with cord and jack plug to fit all Detail Master units. Fixed Tip Handpieces, unlike replaceable tip handpieces, do not lose efficiency due to oxidation build up in the removable connectors, and there is no need to wait for a "cool down" to change tip styles.