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MYLANDS Finishing Products

Mylands High Build Friction Polish
Mylands Cellulose Sanding Sealer
Mylands Clear Wax
Mylands Antique Brown Wax
For well over a century, Mylands has been producing high quality finishes with a difference - shellac is the prime ingredient. Long valued for its hardness and tremendous sealing properties, shellac’s versatility allows it to be used to add warm tones to country furniture and high gloss when French polishing. High Build Friction Polish. The most impressive turner’s polish we have ever used. It builds quickly, drying almost instantly, complementing the natural beauty of the wood. When used without a sealer, a smooth sheen results. When used with Mylands Cellulose Sealer, a brilliant high gloss finish is easily attained. 500 ml bottle. Lacacote Sanding Sealer. A superior shellac-based sealer that is compatible with any of Mylands finishes or waxes. It’s the perfect prep coat when oils from the wood, or prior finishes, are present and must be sealed in to avoid damaging the top coat. Recommended for use under Mylands French polishes. 500 ml bottle. Cellulose Sanding Sealer. A lacquer-based clear sealer and finish that dries to a soft sheen. It is specially formulated to work with any Mylands finishing product or by itself. A brilliant high gloss finish can be achieved on turnings when used in conjunction with High Build Friction Polish; a rich matte finish when the waxes are used. This product does not contain shellac. 500ml bottle. Waxes. A unique formulation of the finest natural waxes (shellac, beeswax, and carnauba) in a toluene and xylene-free carrier. Can be used over virtually any finish to accentuate and protect. Applies easily and yields a lasting and lustrous shine. 16 oz.