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Milescraft Power Tool Safety Accessories

Milescraft Push Stick
Milescraft Featherboard
Milescraft D/T Tandem Featherboard
The most essential tool in your woodshop is safety, and these Milescraft accessories make operating your table saw, band saw, jointer, or table mounted router a safer and more efficient task. The BladeChanger™ is open-sided and holds standard 10" diameter blades, 8" dados and 7-1/4" circular saw blades while you install or remove the arbor nut. The PushStick™ is a simple device that is enhanced by a cradle with integral magnets and on-board depth gauge. Each FeatherBoard™ includes hardware for use in 1/4" t-track, 3/4" miter slot or 5/8" miter slot. The D/T Tandem FeatherBoard™ includes two feather components and a spacer with hardware to use the featherboards in tandem, plus two 3/4" expansion bars, two 5/8" expansion bars and four t-slot bolts for single use.