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Magswitch Mag-Jigs

Magswitch MagJig 95 Switchable Magnet
Magswitch MagJig 150 Switchable Magnet
Forstner Bit 30mm
Forstner Bit 40mm
1-1/4" Forstner Bit
1-5/8" Forstner Bit
Avoid the hassles of creative clamping while trying to secure jigs on a work table. Magswitch gives you flexibility to mount anywhere on a steel surface, such as your table saw, jointer, shaper, band saw, drill press, or stationary sander.
  • Each Mag-Jig is constructed to fit perfectly in a 3/4" board so the bottom of the magnet is flush to the table surface; using 2 or more Mag-Jigs on a fixture is ideal.
  • Simply determine a mounting hole location in your jig fixture that ensures complete contact between the Mag-Jig and the steel table surface, drill a 30mm hole for each 20mm Mag-Jig using a forstner bit (40mm hole for 30mm Mag-Jig) and drop in the Mag-Jig.
  • Two screw holes are provided on each unit in case you desire to more securely mount the Mag-Jig to your jig fixture.
  • Using your jig fixture couldn't be any simpler: place the Mag-Jig against the work surface and turn the knob 185° in a clockwise direction to engage the Magswitch; when you're finished, turn the knob in a counter clockwise direction to disengage.
  • Two or more Mag-Jigs per fixture are recommended.

Pinnacle Mag-Jig Bracket- We have found that the 20mm and 30mm Mag-Jigs from Magswitch are a very useful item in the woodshop. Now you can make full use of your Mag-Jigs with this cleverly designed bracket. The 3" x 3" machined aluminum angle is 6" long and features through slots for mounting and adjustability, as well as adjustment screws for squaring any fence that you choose to mount to the vertical surface. Mag-Jig bracket comes with all necessary fasteners and plates to hold a 20mm or 30mm Mag-Jig, as well as the vertical fence. You can attach a curved fence for resawing on the bandsaw or use two brackets and your Mag-Jigs to make a bandsaw cut-off fence. Mag-Jigs are not included. Made in USA.