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Slice Ceramic Cutters

Slice 00100 Ceramic Safety Cutter
Slice 00116 Precision Ceramic Cutter
Slice 10514 Ceramic Pocket Cutter
Slice 10512 Ceramic Pen Cutter
Slice 10404 Replacement Ceramic Blades 4pk
Slice 10454 Red Precision Pointed Tweezers
Slice Ceramic Cutting Tools are the result of collaboration with innovative designers to produce a collection of award-winning cutting tools that integrate advanced technology such as super-sharp, wear-resistant ceramic blades. The blades are used by more than half of the Fortune 1000 companies to reduce injuries and save money. Slice™ ceramic blades never rust, are up to 10 times sharper than steel, are non-sparking, nonmagnetic, and anticorrosive. Slice™ cutting tools are sure to make your cutting experience faster, easier, and safer.

Slice™ donates 1% of all sales to fund autism research. (T.J. Scimone founded Slice in 2008 to help fund the care of his son, who is autistic.)