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Classic American Style Rollerball Pens

Classic American Rollerball Pen Kit - Gold
Classic American Fountain/Rollerball Bushings
WoodRiver Pen Makers Bit 3/8 Inch
Fountain or Rollerball Replacement Tube Set 5 -Pair
Hauser 777 Roller Ball Refill
Styled after the highly recognized Parker™ of the 1920's. Our Rollerball pen features a high quality German rollerball insert which is the smoothest flowing, easiest rolling insert we've tested. Say good-bye to triple step drilling and difficult parting operations. Drill your blanks, glue your brass tubes in place, and you're ready to turn.
  • Cobalt Gold finish
  • Kits require a 5/8" x 5/8" x 5" blank, 3/8" pen maker's or brad point bit, mandrel and American style rollerball bushings