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KREG Klamping Table System

Kreg Klamp Table Kit
Kreg Universal Steel Stand
KREG Klamp Trak, Kreg# KKS1020
Kreg Klamp Table Stops, 5 pack
Kreg Casters Set for Universal Steel Stand
Kreg Klamp Table Top
The KREG Klamping Table does for face frame joinery what the original Kreg Jig® did for drilling cabinet face frames. It's unique because it combines the versatility of adjustable locking pliers with the convenience of an extruded aluminum Klamp Trak that is securely bolted to a 1" thick support panel.
  • This system allows you to apply an incredible amount of pressure to the joint line.
  • Perfect not only for use as a pocket hole assembly station, but also as a general hold-down while drilling, routing, sanding, and more.
  • Each Klamp Table Top includes two Klamp Table Klamps with 3" throat depth which rotate 360° on the Klamp Traks and can be moved along the extrusions that line the left and bottom sides of the table.
  • The 21-3/4" x 33-3/4" Klamp Table Surface is constructed of Melamine material which sheds dried glue quickly and can be replaced when marred by an erroneous drill bit or screw.
  • Each Klamp Block can be oriented for face frame widths of 1-1/2", 2", 2-1/2" or 3" such that the components of the frame can be loaded on the table and held square.
  • The Universal Steel Stand measures 28" wide by 20" deep and adjusts from 32" to 37" in height.
  • The "C"-shaped upper and lower stretchers are pre-drilled to attach the Klamp Table Top and a lower shelf if desired.
The heavy-duty locking caster set allows you to roll the Klamp Table to its destination. The Klamping Table Kit includes the Klamp Table Top and the Universal Steel Stand.