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Pinnacle Wooden Handscrews

Pinnacle 6" Handscrew Clamp
$16.06 $18.89
Pinnacle 8" Handscrew Clamp
$18.78 $22.09
Pinnacle 10" Handscrew Clamp
$21.41 $25.19
Pinnacle 12" Handscrew Clamp
$24.13 $28.39
Pinnacle 4" Handscrew Clamp
$13.42 $15.79
These are the classic cabinetmaker's bench clamps for gluing and assembly. They have a deep throat and can be used to apply a broad area of evenly distributed pressure or concentrated at one point of contact.
  • Durable, oiled, hard maple jaws will not mar the work and are less likely to slip than steel jaws
  • Drawn carbon steel screws pivot to allow the jaws to grip nonparallel surfaces
  • Made in USA