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JackClamp Parallel Bar Clamp and Accessories

JackClamp Special Two Clamp Set with Accessories
JackClamp Parallel Bar Clamp, Model 1002
JackClamp Foot Attachment, Model 1055
JackClamp Replacement Pads, Model 1056
JackClamp V-Jaw Attachments, Model 1063
JackClamp Spreader Jaw Attachment, Model 1064

Jack, clamp, spread, and hoist all in one tool with the JackClamp! The JackClamp's patented design features an upper bar that is adjustable and removable allowing the JackClamp to be assembled depending upon your project's specific needs.

Add any of the available accessories and the JackClamp becomes an indispensable tool for either the master craftsman or the weekend Do It Yourselfer. The attachments can be installed wherever any of the black square pads are located.