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Bessey H-Series Pipe Clamp Fixtures

Bessey 1/2" H-series Pipe Clamp Fixture
Bessey H-series Pipe Clamp Fixture, 3/4"
Jorgensen Clamp Pads
Stabilize and elevate your work piece with Bessey H-Series Pipe Clamps.
  • Unique foot design provides dual-axis stability
  • Long legs raise your project off the work surface so tightening is easier
  • Large clamping surface ensures positive grip
  • Padded jaws protect your work from marring
  • Large handle provides positive pressure
  • The "clutch" action grips the bar automatically
  • Cast jaws and handle for durability; smooth action spindle
Threaded 3/4" Black Pipe for use with Bessey 3/4" H-Series Pipe Clamp. Use a threaded coupler to join shorter pipes together and create longer pipe clamps.